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We Are the Watchers

Subtle Modern Tyranny at Work

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The quest for freedom is worldwide. People have been tyrannized for too long and wish relief from such tyranny that freedom would provide. Governments wish to maintain their power and control over the common folk and continue striving to keep them down and obedient in any way possible. In some countries, particularly those of lesser means, governments brutalize their citizens without a qualm. There is a multitude of examples of this happening throughout history, but these governments continue such practices even in modern times. More "civilized" countries, such as those we in the Western world reside in, use far more subtle means to apply their tyranny. All governments seem to have an interest in keeping certain information from getting out to the populace.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 June 2010 12:01

To the Graduates of the Government Indoctrination Centers

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My youngest daughter graduated from high school this year, or as I like to call it, the government indoctrination center. I had the opportunity to attend her commencement. It was surprisingly not as boring as I thought it was going to be. A retiring English teacher gave a pretty good speech she called "Search and Re-search." It was quite entertaining as she went about explaining how she came up with her title because she was doing her own research at the time, how she turned to the Internet like so many of her students had done for their assignments, how she found so many great graduation speeches she could have plagiarized (but didn't). She then went on to quote a litany of memories, both good and bad, that various students provided and a lot of various tidbits of wisdom handed down to us by famous philosophers of times passed. She did, of course, throw in her own little commentaries to tie it all together. It was quite well done and I applauded her along with all those listening when she finished.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 08 June 2010 15:40

Stop Badgering Dr. Rand Paul and Stick to Real Issues

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A few nights ago, Dr. Rand Paul won the Kentucky primary race against Mr. Trey Grayson and became the Republican nominee for one of the Kentucky US Senate seats. Up until that point the story in the media had been more or less sweet on Dr. Rand Paul. They reported quite fairly on his popularity, his stances on issues and his surprising rise in the Republican Party despite the establishment support for Mr. Trey Grayson. They even at times seemed genuinely excited at the prospect that an honest, principled individual might actually beat a neocon who was supposedly more aligned with the party platform. The day after he won the primary, however, the media attack dogs came out in force.


Arizona, States´ Rights and Immigration

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I had an interesting conversation the other day about the recent immigration law passed in Arizona. I was asked what I thought about the situation. I had to admit that this issue was a tough one to form an opinion about. I have my opinion on immigration in general, but I don´t live in Arizona and it´s difficult to judge actions that have been taken in such a far off place. I have not experienced personally the specific situation occurring down there and do not feel qualified to pass judgment on a law that so many seem favor. Still, I do have an opinion on the issue of immigration in general and believe that there are many considerations that have been ignored in the process and panic that appears to be happening.

Last Updated on Friday, 14 May 2010 12:40

Wall Street Deceit and Main Street Revulsion

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I had the misfortune of listening to CNBC the other day while visiting my mother. The talking heads on the tube were discussing the surge in stock prices and the lifting of the DOW Industrials above the eleven thousand mark. They went on and on about how much of a psychological barrier the eleven thousand mark was and how that meant that the “recovery” wasn’t just some fluke and everything was going to be hunky dory and rosy from now on. They then began asking the question when the “retailer investor” (that’s you and me in Wall Street lingo) was going to get back into the market and really start cranking it up. They thought that all of us little, ordinary people with no money wouldn’t want to miss the investment boat. All I remember thinking was “How stupid do these people think I am?” Indeed, how stupid do the Wall Street moguls think we are?

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 March 2012 21:21

Media Downplay of Ron Paul’s Popularity Reflects Establishment Fears

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(It seems strangely appropriate that the first new article I would publish here would be an article about Ron Paul. I have supported him and his work for only about three years now, but he has had a profound impact on my thinking and my views on politics and freedom. I wish there were many more like him serving us in congress, then maybe we wouldn't be going through the rough times we find ourselves in and struggling to understand them.)

We are not stupid. This becomes more and more evident as time goes on. Oh, sure, many of us are or were apathetic. Many of us living amongst this mass of humanity residing in this land designated The United States of America have given up hope of effecting change in the political system and have become resigned to accept the corruption that is inherent in it. That’s not stupidity, it’s more like despair. It’s simple resignation. It’s simply believing the individual has no power and so one just gets on with his life as best one can. It’s sleepwalking through life. It’s giving up any hope that answers can be found, or that if there are answers they can only be found using the force of government. Perhaps the establishment’s greatest fear is that the masses will discover that they do have power and that there are answers to our problems that do not involve government intervention.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 16:52

Militias, Political Activists, Government Agents, and Violence Against Politicians

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(This article was originally published on April 2nd, 2010)

Not long after the unconstitutional Obamacare bill was signed into law, I began to hear reports of violence against those congress critters who had voted for the law. I didn´t know quite what to think of this. On one hand, I know that violence against the system will only cause a backlash from the system. I do not condone violence in any way, shape or form, which is why I subscribe to libertarian thought, that one does not initiate violence against another, that one takes personal responsibility for his actions and that one leaves others free to do as they will as long as they don´t violate the individual rights of others. I think the vast majority of common folk understand and agree with this philosophy. This is why I was confused and concerned when I heard that corporate media talking heads had been blaming groups that many decent commoners relate to for the violence that had occurred.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:07

Passing Health Care Legislation is Not the End

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(This article was originally published on March 24th, 2010 not long after a health care reform bill was forced through congress.)

We hear time and again how great democracy is, yet our politicians time and again refuse to listen to the majority. Not to mention, they manipulate facts and propagandize truth in order to try to spin public opinion in favor of their position. Does anyone really think that this legislation is meant to help the poor and the uninsured? If so, than that person does not understand history and has forgotten even recent events that have provided us with huge government boondoggles which have benefited no one except the already powerful elite. This legislation helps the banks and corporate insurance companies, guaranteed. These people couldn´t care less about you. They see themselves as smarter, better and more deserving than you, and that´s why they live above the law and feel they can dictate to you how to live regardless of what you think.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 13:53

Iceland, the Mouse that Roared

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(This article was originally published on March 12th, 2010.)

I thought I heard something the other night. It was a distant sound, a low rumbling, a roar from some far off beast that had finally pronounced its presence. It woke me for a second, but it was so distant I felt no threat and simply rolled over and went back to sleep. The next morning I learned that Iceland was taking a stand. It was refusing to pay its British and Dutch debts. It is claiming the debts are a result of fraud, and it's right. They have made the offer to pay some years from now, if they can afford it at that time, and only as a percentage of their GDP. This offer has been, of course, declined by Iceland's creditor banks as they demand payment in the form of real assets.

Last Updated on Friday, 18 January 2013 14:27

Why the Treasonous Patriot Act Was Renewed

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(This article was originally published on March 5th, 2010.)

I have a friend and former coworker who is completely enamored and has total faith in Mr. Barack Obama and the Democrat party. I guess I shouldn't be surprised. The guy is a complete sports nut, knowing more about the stats of former and present baseball and football players than he knows about anything else. It's not a bad thing, I guess, – if I ever want to know anything about sports I know who to ask – but it seems to me that there's far more important things in life to familiarize yourself with than with such trivia. Perhaps it's because he is so engaged with the sports mentality that he can't get away from the team aspect. He sees all life as two teams battling each other and trying to win a game. He has picked the political team he cheers for and has problems understanding that both teams are the same and the players can chose when they want to switch teams. As far as he's concerned, as long as a guy on his team is in office, his team is winning.

Last Updated on Tuesday, 31 January 2012 20:29

Joe Stack, Example of Blowback?

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(This article was originally published on Feb. 18th, 2010.)

I just learned of a story where a man, Joe Stack, flew an airplane into a building in Austin, Tx. I first wish to express my concern and heartfelt condolences to any victims and their families who may have suffered as a result of this man´s desperate act. It´s a shame when anyone suffers through no fault of their own.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:13

Compromising the Freedom Movement

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(This article was originally published on Feb. 9th, 2010.)

I am a huge Ron Paul supporter. His voting record speaks for itself. It is as freedom oriented and constitutional as anyone could hope for. How many other politicians can say that? Not too many, if any at all. That´s why I wrote so much about him when he was running for president. That´s why I tried to alert as many as I could and tried to convince anyone who would listen that he was the only candidate on the slate worth voting for. Ron Paul truly gave me hope that men of honor, principle and integrity could still succeed in modern politics. We need more people like him in congress.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:17

Natural Law, Justice, Oaths and Contradictions

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(This article was originally published on Jan. 31st, 2010.)

Lately there´s been a controversy playing out over an organization known as LEAP and an outspoken member over there named Bradley Jardis. LEAP stands for Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and Bradley Jardis was a law enforcement officer who was against laws prohibiting drugs. The controversy played out over a blog post in which Mr. Jardis claimed that he could no longer, in good conscience, enforce laws calling for the arrest of people smoking marijuana for medical purposes. He claimed that doing so would be a violation of his oath to uphold the constitution of the state of New Hampshire. This declaration caused LEAP to remove Mr. Jardis as a spokesman for them and resulted in his eventual exit from the organization. This began somewhat of an Internet firestorm as people of principle aligned themselves with Mr. Jardis and many of them wrote scathing blogs and responses against LEAP´s decision.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:21

Scott Brown, Establishment Clown

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(This article was originally published on Jan. 22nd, 2010. I hate to say I told you so.)

Well, Scott Brown, Republican, beat out Martha Coakley, Democrat, in a race that was never supposed to be even close. Now the mainstream media acts surprised and some in the alternative media are crowing about how much of a difference this is going to make and how the people have spoken. Well, I´m not buying it. Scott Brown´s election has not made one whit of difference. Oh, maybe, just maybe, it might slow up the push toward nationalized health care. Perhaps it slowed up the agenda to completely socialize the United States of America and destroy the last vestiges of a truly free market and the last hope of a peaceful, voluntary society in this world, but it has not derailed that effort. There is still an agenda at work here. Freedom is still dying. Scott Brown is still as much a control freak social engineer as his political colleagues and he as much as said so the day after he was elected. He is not an advocate of liberty and smaller, limited constitutional government.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:25

Judges are Fallible Human Beings Too

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We are all human beings. Sometimes, we get into disputes. Since it is not always wise to partake in physical conflict, nor is it necessarily the fairest method, people through the ages have tried to figure out ways to implement better, fairer, more just dispute resolution methods. Once upon a time there were kings and people would bring their grievances in front of him. After all, it was his land, by divine right, that everyone lived upon. Or so said he and the men with the swords who enforced his laws. He would decide which party was in the right and which was in the wrong. If one was lucky and the king was objective, one might be able to find justice and fairness. The problem was, however, that kings were not always objective and too often it would matter not so much who was in the right and who was in the wrong, but who knew whom in relation to the power structure.

Last Updated on Friday, 04 June 2010 14:31

Politicians Use Devious Mind Tricks to Protect the Fed

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There is no issue in the world today more important, in my opinion, than the issue of the nature of the Federal Reserve and central banking and replacing this system with a fairer, more equitable, more accountable system. I believe that fiat money systems are at the root of most of the problems we face today. I want to see more transparency at the Federal Reserve and so do many other ordinary Americans, even those who just a few years ago were all but completely unaware that the Federal Reserve bank even existed. Many common folk have awakened and are now seeking out the reasons the world remains in such a financial funk. This is why Ron Paul was able to garner such support and so many co-sponsors for his "Audit the Fed" bill in the House of Representatives.


Hatred, Intolerance, Violence and the Southern Poverty Law Center

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“Haven’t you heard, it’s a battle of words

the poster bearer cried.

Listen son, said the man with the gun

there’s room for you inside.”

From the Pink Floyd song “Us and Them”


There is a change occurring in the modern world, a fluctuation of ideas. Students of history who look beyond the official sanctioned accounts of the “winners” to a more objective view on all sides of conflict are likely to understand that these fluctuations have been going on for a long time now, perhaps since the beginning of written history. The fluctuations have at times resulted in conflict, sometimes quite violent. They cause a struggle between ideologies that can be labeled in many different ways, big government versus small government, communism or fascism versus free market, tyranny versus freedom, or my favorite, collectivism versus individualism.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 16:54

Sound Money and Schoolyard Politics

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Economics is not rocket science. In fact, most everyone learns the basics of economics when they’re children. It’s quite simple, really, like math. If you have something I want and I have something you want, we can trade. We’re both happy. That’s really about it. Oh, sure, there are subtleties involved and other considerations to take into account, but those are really more about psychology and human behavior rather than economics. At its most basic level, economics is simply about how one acquires stuff.

Last Updated on Wednesday, 28 April 2010 16:52

Teaching Aikido to Sheep

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(This article was originally published on April 4th, 2010)

Sheep have a big problem. They don´t have the greatest knowledge of self defense. Mostly, they count on their shepherd to protect them. They gather themselves together in herds and pass their time in the pastures just eating grass. Should they wander away from the herd, they take the chance of being attacked by wolves. To see that this doesn´t happen, the shepherds have trained dogs to keep them in line. But, worse than that, the sheep can´t really trust the shepherd much either. After all, these shepherds have been known to take certain liberties with the sheep. And when the shepherd gets hungry, or when the time comes to cull the herd, he will lead the sheep to slaughter. Certainly there are some sheep that have memories of certain lambs that were led from the herd, never to return.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:08

Eulogy for Rose Tomita

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(This article was originally published on March 28th, 2010. It was a speech I gave at the remembrance of a very important person in my life. Her influence on me cannot be measured and it goes to show how you never know who you're influencing with your words and deeds. If you approach life with tolerance and love for the others you come in contact with, that tolerance and love will seeded in the hearts of those others and the fruits they may bear on maturation is incalculable.)

(Rose Tomita – January 20, 1932 – March 7, 2010. She was a remarkable woman. There are not enough like her in this world. We could all learn a thing or two from her life. The world is a poorer place for her passing. She shall be missed. What follows is the reading I gave for her at her remembrance).

Rose Tomita was an exceptional human being. I consider her a second mom. Throughout my youth she showed me nothing but kindness. She was one of the most tolerant and patient people I have ever met. She had to be to raise six children as she did. Looking back after having children of my own, I wonder how she managed to keep her cool so often as we children would oft times push her to her limits, and she showed us that her patience had no boundaries. She went through life expressing loving kindness not only for her children, but for her fellow human beings.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 13:50

Dennis Kucinich Loses His Nerve on Air Force One

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(This article was originally published on March 19th, 2010, just before the health care bill was forced through congress.)

I doubt very much that anyone has ever accused me of being a Democrat. I don´t know of too many Democrats that adhere to the principles of freedom and individualism as I do. Sure, I share their anti-war views for the most part, but that´s just one issue. And the Democrats actually have a history of being the warring party. Well, I suppose that´s a bit unfair since Republicans have participated in their fair share of war mongering. Come to think of it, the vast majority of politicians are war mongers, not surprising when one remembers that war is the health of the state. These statists, these collectivists, think they know better than the rest of us and simply want to control our lives so they can milk us to their own benefit. It doesn´t much matter to them who dies in the process. But, I digress.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 13:55

J Patrick Bedell, More Blowback?

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(This article was originally published on March 8th, 2010.)

A thirty six year old man decided to commit suicide on March 4th, 2010. His name was John Patrick Bedell. Perhaps he didn't make that decision consciously, no one can be certain what he was thinking as he acted out the last moments of his life, but regardless his death was the inevitable outcome of the actions he decided to take that day. From what I've heard, he had a history of mental illness. His actions certainly bore that out. It doesn't take an Einstein to realize this man was disturbed. Still, exactly why he decided to take the actions he did, exactly why he decided to embark on a suicide mission in which he takes on the much more powerful forces of the US military complex will likely remain a mystery.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:02

Social Security and Entitlement Mentality

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(This article was originally published on Feb. 27th, 2010.)

My mother is a retired Certified Financial Planner. She worked for many years helping people figure out the best ways to invest their money to ensure a stable and prosperous retirement. The other day I called her and she, knowing my proclivity for writing about such things, proceeded to voice a particular gripe that had been bothering her lately. She had been watching a cable news channel, as she is wont to do, and they had been talking about Social Security. They kept using the phrase "entitlement program" when reporting on the money owed to well to do Social Security beneficiaries and this is what bothered my mom.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:10

Debra Medina, Glenn Beck, 911 Truth and the Importance of Private Property

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(This article was originally published on Feb. 12th, 2010.)

I´ve been paying particular attention to the governor´s race in Texas of late, particularly the Republican primary for that position. There´s a woman running, a true champion of freedom. She understands the concept of liberty. She embraces it. She offers real solutions to real problems, problems the vast majority of the common folk can see in the corrupt establishment. She offers the free market solutions we all want, a pulling back of government intrusion in the lives of ordinary citizens and a chance to once again live as freemen in the legacy our founding fathers left for us. She is clearly a populist candidate of the people, and a harbinger of real change that will benefit all the people, not just the ruling elite. She is surging in the polls. The corporate globalist authoritarians must hate her. They certainly seem to have turned their media lapdogs loose on her.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:16

Stealing Dreams, Creating Nightmares

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(This article was originally published on Feb. 7th, 2010.)

In my lifetime, I've had more dreams than I care to think about stolen from me. Well, perhaps they weren't stolen, perhaps just postponed. The most significant occurrence was probably when my first publisher went out of business due to embezzlement. The owner and his son managed to lose several million dollars. Though they spent several years in prison, the money was never recovered. Several creditors were never repaid. The company´s assets were sold and the money split amongst them. My contract was never fulfilled and I was denied any chance to further promote my book unless I wished to self publish. In short, my dreams of becoming a best selling fantasy author, or even one who could make a decent living at it, were dashed upon the rocks of a cruel publishing industry.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:19

The Treasonous Corporate Media

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(This article was originally published on Jan. 28th, 2010.)

I have a small following. There are not millions of people yet reading my commentaries and hanging on every word. More and more are waking up to the ideas I express, but there are many other people besides me, thank god, that are also expressing these ideas. There are many others who are likely better at expressing these ideas than I am and there are many that more people follow on a regular basis. There are those making video and radio media with a freedom message that have reached millions. Print media is on the decline. The power of the written word is waning as the power of audio video reaches more and more of the masses. People just don´t read as much as they used to.

Last Updated on Monday, 03 May 2010 14:23

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