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Battling the NWO, One Pizza at a Time

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What could be more innocuous than the pizza delivery guy? What could be more welcoming than the man or woman showing up at your door bringing sustenance from one of your favorite restaurants you just called? You didn't even have to go out into the cold night on your own and freeze your little toes off to get your favorite food. They brought it to you. All for a small convenience fee and whatever voluntary tip you might like to give the person who provided this little service. Ah, but don't be fooled. These people who provide this service are very dangerous. They must be stopped. You see, these types of people are a perfect example of how a free market system works. If you begin to learn from their example, why you just might learn too much about how the elite who would like to rule the world work, and we just can't have that now, can we? Besides, you little common folk don't need such convenient services. Such services should be exclusive to the wealthy elite.

How, exactly, is the little pizza delivery person so dangerous to the powerful elite? How can someone near the bottom of the economic ladder, working hard to provide for those who can afford to pay for delivered food, how can they possibly pose a threat to those elites at the top of the pyramid who dictate how world is to work? It's a matter of perception. It's a matter of the poor, underprivileged underdog working to make an honest living versus the wealthy, privileged control freak shadow elite who wish to control every aspect of everyone's life. How does one demonize the pizza delivery person? How does one collect tribute from them? How does one justify stealing from such polite, hard working people struggling to make ends meet? Doing so would certainly help to solidify the perception that the tyranny is growing out of control beyond all measure. That is the challenge facing the collectivists who wish to create an authoritarian one world government from their new world order agenda.

Pizza delivery people, and others who work for tips like waiters, waitresses, taxi drivers, bell hops, etc., work for cash money. Cash money is very difficult to track. Those at the top find it difficult to keep an accurate accounting as to how much these low earners make and they therefore can't accurately determine how much tribute they should pay. Not only that, but if they start cracking down on these people they suddenly look like the real assholes they are for picking on such little guys. That is just one reason the ruling elite would love to develop some kind of cashless society. They want to get rid of the last vestiges of the ages old barter system. They don't want to do this for the betterment of mankind, for more convenience, or more fairness, or some other ulterior motive, they want to do this for control. They want to do it so they can have access to every business transaction you have with others. They want to put their noses into every aspect of everyone's economic life. They'll be able to do this because it will be their system we'll all be using.

Pizza delivers, and others, are more like sub contractors than employees. The restaurant provides the food, the delivery person provides the vehicle and the service. They are responsible for keeping track of all their earnings. They are responsible for reporting their income and paying any taxes they might owe. They are responsible for putting away money for their retirement should they earn enough to do so. They are responsible for providing their own health insurance if they feel they need to do so. If they don't have health insurance, they are responsible for paying any health care advisor they might wish to employ for their benefit. They are responsible for purchasing any health care products they might feel is necessary for any condition they might have. They are responsible for deciding where their money would be best spent, whether it be on rent, food, clothes, gasoline, some other necessity, or some luxury. In other words, these people make their own decisions on what to do with all the money they earn from that job, and the ruling elite can't stand the thought that someone out there is independent of them.

The rest of the world can maybe learn a little something about economics from pizza delivery people. First, all economics boil down to two individuals wanting to exchange some form of product. Either there's a connection made, or there's not. For those of you familiar with digital electronics, it's binary in nature. When there's only two people involved it's pretty straight forward. It's on or off. It's ones or zeroes. Either the two people have something the other wants for the exchange, or they don't. It's when there's other conditions thrown into the equation, when there's other people that become involved that things get a little more complicated. When this happens economic circuitry comparable to "and" and "or" gates are created.

Second, all economics should be voluntary in nature. You probably wouldn't pay a pizza guy if he showed up at your house with a pizza you didn't order. You also probably wouldn't buy if the pizza guy charged an outrageous amount for his service. You probably wouldn't like it very much if the pizza guy turned up at your house and threatened you if you didn't buy their food. In the free market, there's competitors that can be called and any business trying to resort to such methods would be quickly put out of business. If such a business was to gain enough influence in government, however, things could quickly change. Laws and regulations could be passed designed to exclude all but the largest and wealthiest from engaging in such a delivery service. Such a restriction on competition could easily cause quality to fall and prices to rise. In a worse case scenario, laws could be passed requiring you to purchase such services whether you want to or not. Money could be collected from you by coercive methods or force that would go to these services whether you use them or not.

It's strange how the practices mentioned above are considered abhorrent and criminal in a freer market, but if the government passes laws allowing for their agents and contractors to participate in such practices they become acceptable. Perhaps that has a lot to do with the creeping gradualism the political elite has engaged in, slowly building upon more innocuous laws until the large tomes we've seen passed recently can be pushed onto the common folk without too much outrage. Notice they never repeal laws, unless they were working to stifle the efforts of the wealthy elite. Also, growing up in a world where such practices exist and being taught in school that such practices are acceptable normalizes them and makes it hard to imagine different methods and innovate.

Perhaps with the current state of unemployment being as it is, many other workers will soon start to become sub contractors, so to speak. Perhaps the unemployed will decide to take jobs on a cash basis that don't require their employer to take taxes directly from their paycheck. Perhaps more and more individuals will start to keep more of their earnings and not report it to the taxman. Perhaps they will begin to decide for themselves what products and services they wish to pay for rather than having the government do this for them. Perhaps more and more people will move off the radar just to make ends meet. This is something I'm certain the political and wealthy elite fear. It is also, however, one way to getting back to a more productive and prosperous society for everyone. As the system short circuits and burns itself up, those who wish to survive will have to figure out how to get along without help from the system.

So, when the pizza delivery person shows up at your doorstep, don't forget to tip him or her well. Whether they know it or not, they are out there fighting for you against the new world order. They are out there showing the world that business can still be done on an individual to individual basis. They are showing us all that big, centralized government does not have to intercede on every level in order for us all to get along. They are showing us that local economies are most important and we should all worry about supporting local business so that we can all thrive. I just hope that more people come to understand the importance of those concepts before we are forced to do all business the way the one size fits all, centralized federal government, owned by the wealthy elite, wants it done.

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