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Respect and the American Presidency

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There's a famous radio talk show I listen to. Actually, it's on late at night and so I listen to the podcast. The host will occasionally have a guest on who will speak about the Obama administration and many times these guests will refer to the president simply as Obama. The host believes that proper respect should be shown and the top executive should be referred to as "president Obama." He thinks that even if one doesn't respect the man one should respect the office. I happen to disagree. I think proper respect is earned, and in my eyes Mr. Obama has not earned my respect. In my lifetime no one who has ever obtained the office of POTUS has earned my respect, with perhaps the exception of JFK but I was only three when he was killed. It is therefore extremely difficult for me to respect even the office itself.

In fact, most of these politicians running for office have earned my disrespect. It's so easy to see them trying to deceive. I see them making promises I know they won't keep. I see them saying they'll vote or act one way while doing the exact opposite. I see that they don't care what the people think, that they are more concerned with some agenda behind the scenes. I can tell that they are working toward something that resembles the old Soviet Union or Nazi Germany. I can see through their ruse. They are habitual liars. They are powdered conmen paraded in front of the fawning masses by complicit media outlets engaging in propaganda. They are the worst type of criminals for they try to legitimize their crimes and force the masses to go along without protest. I hold no hope that any of that will change for the better anytime soon.

I would have more respect for a mob boss than I do for the president. At least they don't try to pretend they're something they're not. At least you know when you pay them their extortion money that you're being extorted. They don't try to tell you that your money is going to a good cause. They don't try to convince you that those they kill were terrorists who deserved it. You know that when you pay the mob their extortion money that you're paying them to leave you alone. At least the mob will do that. When you pay your taxes, the government will still intrude on your life and tell you how you should run your business.

I was brought up being taught to respect the president. He held the highest office in the land and supposedly had to be of the highest caliber in order to do so. When I look back on it and see the men who have held the office in my lifetime, is it any wonder I hold no respect for the office any longer? Johnson was a cold hearted power monger who deepened our involvement in Vietnam. Nixon was a crook who wanted to be remembered differently. Ford was the only president ever to hold that office who was not elected in any way, shape or form. He was appointed to the office of vice president after Agnew resigned and to the office of president after Nixon resigned. Cater was, well, Carter. He might have been well intentioned, but he seemed so inept. Reagan showed promise, but his actions never lived up to his words. Bush the elder was a war mongering liar whose lips could not be read. Clinton, though entertaining, was of dubious character. It's a little more than simply strange how many people he had business dealings with ended up murdered or suicided. Bush the younger was perhaps the most criminal, the worst war criminal, the most treasonous of all, or so I thought until this current administration. Bush's use of imprisonment and torture was sickening and inexcusable. Obama has surpassed all that I just mentioned in terms of audacity, a sick disrespect for morality and human life, and far reaching criminality.

Now it has come to the fore that this administration has been assassinating its own citizens without due process of law. Now the Congress is finally investigating how it came to pass that a natural born American citizen and a sixteen year old American boy were killed by remote control drones piloted by CIA operatives. Now we see executive level memos expressing an opinion that the president has the "right" to kill American citizens if certain poorly defined conditions are met, conditions that when loosely interpreted could net me a death by drone sentence.

After all, I am a Ron Paul supporter and that could make me a terrorist according to the MIAC report. I am quite vocal about it and that could make me a leader in a terrorist organization. I have even voted for Ron Paul and that could be interpreted as plotting terrorist activity against the establishment. You see the slippery slope we're on? And just because something like this hasn't happened yet doesn't mean it can't or won't happen. After all, if you give a man the power to do something, it's only a matter of time before he uses that power.

And I am asked to respect such a man simply because he holds a powerful office? Indeed, I disrespect him even more for succumbing to the temptation to use and abuse such awesome power. I disrespect the office even more for having usurped and centralized such power in the first place when it was meant to be spread out evenly between branches of government. That usurpation was criminal to begin with and the first president to use such unconstitutional powers should have instead refused to use them and insisted they be removed from the office of president and then placed back in the hands of the people where such power belongs. By accepting such power and trying to legitimize its use, the office of president has become illegitimate in my eyes, and should be illegitimate in the eyes of anyone who respects the Constitution of the United States of America.

No president of our nation should be granted the legitimate use of such power. It is not a power of the president of the United States. It is a power of the Fuhrer. It is a power of the Premier. It is a power of the Chairman. It is a power of the tyrant. To use such power is to be a tyrant. To use such power is to discard what it is to be American. To use such power is to violate the basic principles that made this nation the shining beacon of liberty it once was. To have and to use such power helps turn our constitutional republic into an authoritarian dictatorship. This is not how it's supposed to be.

I don't respect Hitler. I don't respect his office of Fuhrer. I don't respect Stalin. I don't respect his office of Premier. I don't respect Mao. I don't respect his office of Chairman. I no longer respect the office of President of the United States. I don't respect it if a Republican holds it and I don't respect it if a Democrat does. This office disrespects me, it disrespects humanity, why should anyone respect such a disgusting tribute to ultimate power? If I am ever to respect the office again, or the individual who holds the office, than that office must be occupied by someone who reflects the values I hold dear. It must respect individual freedom. It must respect honesty. It must respect integrity. It must respect peaceful statesmanship. And so must the individual who holds said office. When I see a person whose actions exemplify such qualities holding the office, then I will once again respect that person. When I can one day go to the polls and vote for a greater good rather than a lesser evil, then I will respect the office. Until such a day, the powers that be do not have my consent to rule over me.

Personally, I think the President of the United States of America has been a puppet of an elite ruling class for a long time now. I think he is just following the orders of a secret government. I will respect the president when he stands up to those who control the office. I will respect him when he says "no" to the military/industrial complex. I will respect him when he speaks out against the central banking and energy cartels. I will respect him when he moves to restore the Constitution to the place of honor it deserves.

Until such a day, I think we should be careful as to where we place our respect. Placing respect in an office or a person who hasn't earned it helps to legitimize the corruption of that person and that office. Respecting such a person or such an office regardless of whether that respect is earned only helps to embolden that person or that office to continue and expand its corruption. It is tantamount to condoning actions that should not be condoned. It is only when we show them the disrespect they deserve and turn our backs on them for their misdeeds that we will see change in a positive direction.

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