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Confessions of a Serial Conspiracy Theorist

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I think that perhaps I've always been a conspiracy theorist. Now, that statement needs a little clarification. Always is a long time, so perhaps it would be better to say I've been a conspiracy theorist in this lifetime. Ah, but even that is a long time and can be a little unclear, so perhaps it is a little more accurate to say I've been a conspiracy theorist for as long as I can remember. Hmm, even that's a little incorrect because I can remember pretty far back to times when I didn't have a realistic idea of how the world works. Perhaps if I claim I've been a conspiracy theorist for as long as I've been able to think about such things and use reason to come to logical conclusions. Yeah, that's the ticket.

But now there's something else missing. These two words, "conspiracy theorist," when used together, what exactly do they mean? You see, in recent times, in my opinion, these two words have been convoluted on purpose by certain interests in order to obfuscate truth. They've done this so that those who dig for the truth will be made irrelevant. Hmm, that's a bit of a conspiracy theory in and of itself.

A conspiracy is simply two or more people plotting something evil, unlawful or just plain wrong. A theory is simply a proposed explanation or conjecture as to why something is the way it is or happened the way it happened. So a conspiracy theorist is merely someone who conjectures that something happened as it did because two or more people carried out a plot to make it so. Yet somehow the words "conspiracy theorist" have come to mean "some crazy loon with a wild imagination who makes things up" in the minds of many people.

Most recently many so called conspiracy debunkers have concentrated on conspiracy theories that involve government personnel. They will then declare the conspiracy theorists crazy as there are so many good people in government, too many people would know and it would be too hard to keep it secret, or someone would blow the whistle, or some such thing. These arguments are easily picked apart for the most part and are just as emotionally based, in my opinion, as some of the conspiracy theories they are trying to debunk. This observation makes me wonder if some hidden power isn't trying to make the masses believe that government is a most innocuous and beneficial organization so that they don't want to believe that it in fact creates an environment for the most destructive and malevolent forces of humankind to operate from. There I go again, spouting my conspiratorial thinking.

Yet believing the debunkers closes the mind. If one listens to them one may never clearly understand all the evidence of conspiracy. One might never ask the right questions. One might never question the right authorities. One might even go as far as to twist the laws of physics so that this religion of government, this belief that government is nothing but loving, caring, and beneficial to the masses, isn't shattered. Like a wife who refuses to break free of an abusive husband, (or a husband who refuses to acknowledge a wife's infidelity) the true believers debunk any evidence of unfaithfulness. Instead, they make excuses that hold no water and point to the occasions where their spouse expressed their loving and caring nature. It is the same with government. A true believer might say something like "How can our leaders who protect us from evil foreigners, provide us with retirement funding, care about the welfare of our poor, regulate the soulless businessmen, and give us education and roads do anything evil?"

I grew up on the heels of the Kennedy assassinations. I remember the Martin Luther King, Jr. assassination and the riots it caused. There really isn't that much question that these conspiratorial events involved some very powerful government entities and yet the guilty parties were never held accountable. In fact those involved or their families or agents still have a hold on power today. Their agenda includes a determination to gain power across Western civilization and to never relinquish that power. After all, should they lose that power there's a chance that they may have to account for their past evils perpetrated against humanity. They can't let that happen.

Yeah, I confess, I do believe that there are powerful men hidden inside the complex that is the modern corporate structure directing events that will shape our future. I do believe they plot to create events that will benefit their interests. I do believe they use their wealth and power to buy high level politicians to make sure their interests are represented first and foremost when it comes to making national policies. I do believe they place their friends and even their family members into positions of high power so that they can continue to cover up past misdeeds and move forward an agenda. I do believe these people would do anything to hold onto power, anything. Anything. And everything. I don't believe they care one whit for the common folk. In fact, I think they're frightened of us, for they worry that if enough of us find out and decide to do something about it they may lose more than just their positions of privilege. They are frightened at what we may do should we decide to direct our ire at the true power behind their puppet politicians.

Do you mean to tell me you don't believe that? You don't believe that men of wealth and influence would use that wealth and influence to guide humanity along a path that would benefit their agenda? Do you think that all these events that have taken place that just happen to benefit the already too wealthy and too powerful are simple coincidences? Do you believe laws created that are beneficial to large corporations but make it difficult to create competing smaller businesses happen by accident? Do you think events that generate terror, change the direction of nations and usher in new paradigms happen on the whim of small minded people acting alone or in small and otherwise insignificant groups? Really? Well if we have that much power why can't we use it to build a more voluntary, peaceful society where the use of force, even government force, is no longer tolerated? Why must change be so violent? Why can't we have what 90 percent or more of us seem to want?

Yes, I am a conspiracy theorist. I think that all major changes in this world have happened due to some conspiracy or another. I think there are events that have taken place that have caused major paradigm shifts and that other events have happened of a similar nature that have not caused major paradigm shifts. I do believe that the difference is in who has planned such events and what the common folks' reaction to these events have been. I do think that such things are studied by the powers that be, the wealthy privileged elite who want to remain in power. I do think they use this knowledge to plot a path for humanity to take into the future. I do think they have used this knowledge to plot events that show complete disregard for the humanity and they will continue to do so as long as they feel they can get away with it.

I also think that more and more people are beginning to come around to my way of thinking. For instance, in a recent facebook discussion about aspartame one gentleman called those who claim aspartame to be dangerous conspiracy theorists and claimed that aspartame was one of the most studied and safe food additives ever. Most just laughed at that claim. The next post pointed out that the studies he referred to were those of the original patent holder (Searle) and that independent studies had found multiple dangers. I think people are catching on more than most realize. Conspiracies happen especially in certain government agencies where power is brokered and corruption is incentivised. Whistle blowers are punished now more than ever and secrecy is ubiquitous. Principle is greatly discouraged in government circles and anyone caught exercising it is as quickly as possible ushered out of any position of power he may occupy.

I think it's time we started our own little conspiracy. I think we should show those in power that they aren't the only ones who can conspire to create a vision of the world as it should be. Let us all conspire to take back the power to determine for our own selves what our own destinies should hold for us. Let us conspire to take back the personal responsibilities we should have for our own lives. Let us conspire to honor individual freedom. Let us conspire to honor the choices our neighbors make rather than coercing them into government mandated choices. Let us conspire to bring down government monopolies and provide competitive customer service for the one size fits all government solutions we are now forced to use.

Let us conspire to question authority. Let us conspire to say "No!" to unjust laws, police state brutality and surveillance state intrusion. Let us conspire to scale back federal government to constitutional size. Let us conspire to be peacefully disobedient. Let us conspire to deny consent. Let us conspire to do so without violence and to show that human beings can bring about lasting change in a peaceful manner. Let us conspire to show the world that the only tool government can use to make us compliant is force, and that, like bullies, they will use it if they think they must or they will have to back down. It might not be easy, but it starts with admitting that conspiracies exist and realizing that in order to take back power, even personal power, you must be among those conspiring to do so.

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