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Freedom and Private Property Versus Criminal Government and Banks

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There's a meme in the world of debate that once you start to compare the politics of today to the politics of Germany during Hitler's reign the debate is over and you've lost. So, I'm going to start this article by comparing modern American politics to Hitler's Germany and other 20th century collectivist political schemes. The point of this beginning is to do so. If you don't want to read further, than don't. You see, I don't buy the meme. Such a meme is developed, in my humble opinion, simply because some people don't want to face the growing evil and choose instead to remain willfully ignorant as to what has been happening in the land that was supposed to be a beacon of individual freedom shining to the world.

The first thing I'm going to do is take the holocaust thing right out of the picture. Many people conflate fascism with murdering innocent people due to their religion or some other innocent aspect of their character perceived as a flaw by those in power. That really has nothing to do with the philosophy of fascism. That has to do with scapegoating. That has to do with a divide and conquer mentality. The state doesn't have to be murdering innocent people in death camps to be a fascist state. It doesn't have to murder in order to be criminal.

That said, don't think that just because such things haven't happened yet they won't happen in the future. It's just that murder and putting people in prison (FEMA) camps isn't what makes a nation a fascist nation, fascism is merely the unholy marriage of centralized (federal) government power and corporate power. This is tantamount to a marriage between organizations with a monopoly on legalized force and organizations with virtual monopolies on wealth. It is a very dangerous partnership for those of us who wish to remain free peoples.

The reason these two entities would want to unite is so they can steal your birthright. They actually want to get you to believe that they have your best interests at heart so that they can deceive you into giving over all your real wealth to them. The real wealth I speak of comes in the form of private property. It seems they believe that, as long as they own all the property, they own you. This is the very thing the founders of the United States were trying to alleviate when they came over here in the first place. They wanted to establish a nation where government could not dictate what you could and could not do on your own private property. That's why the wrote the Bill of Rights, to codify the limits of power that agents of the government could exercise over individuals and their property.

Private property is freedom. Without it one is basically a serf to the landlord. One is more or less indebted to whoever owns the land one lives upon. One must follow the rules and regulations that landlord lays down or one risks being evicted from one's residence and thrown unceremoniously into the street. As long as one owes a mortgage, one does not own one's private property, the bank does and one is their serf. As long as one pays taxes on one's property, one does not own one's private property, the government does and one is their serf. One is only truly free when one has bought one's property outright or paid off any loans one might have on it and no one else can make any claim that they can legitimately steal it for any reason.

At one time, owning your own property was known as the American dream, and many people were living it. Now it has become a nightmare. Now most are mortgaged to the hilt. Most are in debt to the point where if they lose their job they won't be able to make all their payments and in a matter of weeks might lose everything they supposedly own. Everyone has to pay taxes. Taxes have gone up for everyone, even the working poor. No one owns their own private property anymore, no one except the government, the banks, and the financial corporations. This is why they are becoming richer while you become poorer. This is why you're having problems paying for your lifestyle, why your quality of living goes down while theirs goes up. They have monopolies on the things that matter and you're going to have to pay through the nose in order to get the crumbs that fall from their table.

The ruling elite have all the real wealth, and they've gained it through illegal means. They've bamboozled us all by issuing debt based fiat paper currency instead of honest commodity based money. It is a scheme that's been going on for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. Those who perpetrate it know very well that their system will eventually collapse. How could they not know? Historically, it has happened time and time again. They understand the harm such a system will do to the middle classes. They also understand that those who perpetrate the crime will end up with unfathomable wealth while the huge majority of humanity will be wallowing in poverty. The potential for reward is great and the risk low, for historically they have not been held accountable and after a financial collapse it will be they who, like the royalty of the middle ages, will be able to dictate how the wealth will flow, and they will be very stingy indeed when it comes to the lot of the serfs they will own.

When it comes down to it, I believe that all most people want is a nice place to call their own, a place where they can raise a family, a place where they make the decisions that will affect their lives, a place where they are sovereign. This is something that people have been striving for since time immemorial, to get the tyrants who tend to gravitate to the halls of power, the halls of government, out of their lives. This is something that the ruling elite have been striving to deny the people for just as long. This is what freedom boils down to, the individual's ability to make the choices, good or bad, that will determine that individual's destiny. That freedom starts with the ability to own private property. This is what America was supposed to be about. It is why the Bill of Rights was incorporated into the highest law of the land. It is the foundation of the American dream.

The dream has been stolen by criminal banks and their government accomplices, for they have acted in a criminal manner by ignoring the highest law in the land. It has been stolen by promises broken, promises of a better, fairer way, promises that could not be kept for they were based on lies, deception, theft, coercion and force. We have been conned, folks. It's time to look in the mirror and admit that. We have been conned and those doing the conning continue to try to get you to blame anyone but them for the financial downturn we continue to suffer through. Those who continue to believe that the central banks are not at fault and that fractional reserve, fiat systems are legitimate continue to empower the criminality. Those government officials who continue to work to protect the central banking systems continue to deny you your birthright, the freedom you deserve.

The criminality and fraud need to be exposed. The spotlight needs to shine on those who have perpetrated it. Iceland has done so. They have arrested high level bankers and politicians. Now they are well on their way to fiscal recovery. The people of the United States still seem to want to remain frightened and willfully ignorant. They don't seem to want to admit that they've been played. They don't want to admit that we've become a fascist nation. They're frightened of what could happen should they attempt to tear down the collectivist system that the establishment has become.

There's really nothing to be afraid of, but the first step is to admit that there is a debt problem, then the common folk need to divorce themselves from those who have caused this problem. We need to insist that the thieves can no longer steal from us. We need to tell the so called "too big to fail" and their government agents that we are not afraid of what will happen should they fail. In fact, we should help to peacefully bring about a failure through criminal prosecution of those who have, in the past, threatened the masses with violence should they not get their way.

There are many ways to help restore the American dream. It begins by realizing we are no longer free and we are no longer represented by government, but that fascism has imposed itself in our government system. We must strive to divorce corporate power from government power. We must then strive to deny our consent to those who would try to impose their rule upon us. We must remove the levers of power they have constructed to impose their will upon society, levers that cannot be accessed by the common folk. These levers include the ability to create currency out of thin air (central banks) and the ability to impose taxes on private property and then claim that property, by force if necessary, should the so called owners refuse to pay (government).

We must strive to allow everyone to be free. We must strive to create a voluntary society based on love and trust that individuals will make good decisions for themselves rather than trying to regulate everyone through restrictive law which creates a society based on fear that individuals will make bad decisions for themselves. All these can be accomplished by civil disobedience. All these can be accomplished when enough of us simply say "No, I will not obey" to the powers that be.

There is no doubt the criminality must be dealt with and cleansed from the system. Most people realize that something is wrong, but they don't know what. They find it difficult to do something about it. There are several movements that are striving to deal with the problem and bring freedom back to the masses. There is the movement to audit and then abolish the Fed. There is the Tea Party movement. There is the Occupy movement. There is a movement away from the mainstream media and toward alternative sources of information. All these are valid ways to bring about positive change, but one must be wary of the tendency for the powers that be to infiltrate these movements in an attempt to neutralize them. When the message morphs into something other than peace and freedom, than one knows the mechanisms of co-opting are at work.

If you belong to a movement then it is important that you remember to stay on message. This is perhaps the most difficult thing of all to accomplish. Lasting change seldom happens overnight. Sudden change is usually violent. A peaceful world can hardly be achieved through violent means, as the violent means becomes the violence in the world. Freedom can hardly be achieved through tyrannical means, as the tyranny becomes the established method. An honest system can hardly be achieved through corrupt methods as the corruption rots away the system to its core. Adhere to your principles and you will lead be example. You will become the reminder to all of how things should be, how they should operate. You will become the change you wish to see and the world will be better for it.

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Comments (4)
  • Howard

    Great article. legitimately steal ?

  • sblestman

    It does sound strange when it's put in those terms, doesn't it? Of course, they don't use those terms. If there's one thing politicians are good at, it's twisting the English language. They would call it confiscation. Of course, if you or I were to "confiscate" something, we would get in trouble for stealing, if government does it, well, there's no one they have to answer too. More people need to see the inherent unfairness in this. If something is illegal or immoral for an individual to do, it's illegal or immoral for a group of individuals to do, even if that group calls themselves the government.

  • Glenn Geronimo  - Article

    Yet, another very well written article. Your perception is Great. Keep up the great work brother Szandor...

  • sblestman

    Thanks again Glenn. I think that perhaps Howard will be happy to see someone else commenting on my website.

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