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Innocents Suffer, the Powerful Profit

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I have said this before and I will continue to say it, I do not condone violence. I particularly abhor random acts of violence such as the one that occurred in Boston on April 15th, 2013 during the Boston marathon. I say it was a random act of violence because as of this moment, as I write this, no one has taken responsibility for it and no suspects have been arrested nor any reason given for this act. This is only speculation, but I would bet that there's some political agenda or another behind it. For some reason those who seek power over others seem to think that the way to go about gaining such power is through force and coercion.

Since I don't trust what I hear in the mainstream media, I haven't in some time now, I listen a lot to the alternative media. I don't necessarily trust what they have to say either, but I think what they have to say makes a whole lot more sense most of the time than what you hear in the state run corporate media that is supposed to be a free press. But I like to keep an open mind. Right now there are many who are trying to figure out whether this is a false flag event or not. They are trying to examine the facts and see who will benefit from this and what the agenda will be. As of now, the answers are not forthcoming and there is much speculation going on. This has been an unusual situation in that there is no boogeyman to blame as of this moment, no clear agenda to point at.

Usually in these types of bombings, some group or terrorist organization is all too happy to take responsibility for such a heinous act. They want people to know why innocent blood has been shed and so many have to suffer. Not in this case. On that front, information is slow to be leaked to the public. If some terrorist group has taken responsibility, the authorities aren't telling the public.

One thing I can say for certain, politicians will use this event to push some agenda or another. If it's some foreign terrorist organization who has done this, they'll push for more war and aggression against whatever nation they feel needs to be suppressed. If it's a domestic terrorist organization, they'll use it as an excuse to ban or tax or otherwise restrict the sale of something, perhaps ammunition or something that can used to make explosives. If it was a lone nutjob, which would be the hardest scenario to figure out, they'll use it to try to take what's left of our privacy and to violate our rights even further than they've already done. They might even use it as an excuse to roll out some kind of new surveillance gizmo, or grid, or program. No matter what, they will try to grow their own power. That seems to be their answer to everything.

Another thing I know for certain, whoever did this harmed innocent people. Events like this never hurt those who might deserve it. Like the wars we wage, bombs don't just target bad people who have caused harm to others, they harm innocents. They cause collateral damage. They harm people who are just trying to go about their day to day business. They harm children who have not even learned to hate yet. They harm women and the elderly. They harm whoever happens to be in the blast zone, no matter how evil or how kind and gentle those people may have been during the course of their lives. Innocent people suffer because someone, somewhere has some agenda to push, some quest for power to pursue.

Initiating violence doesn't work. No matter who initiates it and for what purpose, violence only begets more violence. The innocent suffer while the powerful profit, which is another reason why I often feel events like this are initiated by the powerful. It is they who feel they can gain from such violence. Yet even they have to pay a price. The price they'll pay is their humanity. That is the price for anyone who uses or condones such violence, whether that violence happens in Boston or Damascus, in Europe or in Asia, on the East Coast or in the West Bank. It is the price one pays whether they are initiating such violence for personal reasons, under orders from some terrorist group, or under orders from some state run military. Unfortunately for us, there seems to be far too many people in this world who couldn't care less for their own humanity. Until we learn to put love in front of hate, until we learn to crave peace more than power, and until we learn to respect and honor the choices of others as we would want them to respect and honor the choices we make for ourselves, we will continue to see such tragedies as occurred in Boston on April 15th, 2013.

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