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The Forgotten Reasons for Advocating Freedom

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As I watched the beginning of the Boston Red Sox game, the first baseball game played in Boston since the tragic events of 4/15/2013, I was flabbergasted by the propaganda that was taking place before my eyes. Thousands of people applauding the police who had shut down their city in an attempt to find one unarmed, wounded 19 year old. Thousands of people applauding the martial law that had come to their city. Thousands of people applauding the disintegration of The Bill of Rights and welcoming the armed men who could remove entire families from their homes at gun point without warrant and without, in my humble opinion, just cause. All for one lonely, isolated teen accused, not proven, of doing something evil and already judged guilty by the masses.

The scene was surreal. It reminded me of those other collectivist nations of the past, where the populace lined the streets and joyously applauded as their so called leaders who had brought martial law down upon them paraded by. They welcomed the tyranny. They welcomed the evil. It was only years after the fact, when the truth was able to come out, that humanity understood the suffering that authoritarian collectivism causes. Are we in the United States of America to tread down that same path? Are we to wake up decades later to discover the mistakes we made, or are we to learn from others and forego the suffering they went through? Have we so easily forgotten what our ancestors knew? Is it so easy to disregard what the founding fathers taught us? Will history remember us as those who reached the pinnacle of human potential, or as just another society who forgot history and so repeated it?

Can we remember what it was like before mankind took the first tenuous steps toward a free society? It really wasn't that long ago that royal families ruled all of Europe. They lived in opulence while the common folks lived in squalor. While it is true that there are none alive today that experienced such tyranny, enough people of empathy left record of that time for us to imagine the horrors they saw and suffered through. At first those who would be free agreed to give authority to a few elite for their protection, but soon the elite were protecting them not from outsiders who threatened physical harm, but from those within who questioned the wisdom of the authorities. People feared the authorities because authority wants fear to spread. Authority feeds on fear. Those who question authority aren't a threat to the common folk, they are a threat to the power structure.

We have more to fear from those who would lead us than we do from those who would attack us from without. Those with power over us have more to gain from terrorizing us than the outsider with no influence over our society. When we are frightened we have a tendency to rally around our so called leaders and abdicate our rights without challenge in the vain hope that we will be protected. As this progresses it always ends the same. Secrecy and corruption grow as power is centralized and the ruling elite become greedier and more entrenched in their positions of power.

Freedom for all allows for more transparency. It allows for more accountability. It allows for more personal responsibility, even in the realm of security. It allows for a more open society. It allows for more closely knit communities based on love and trust rather than doubt and fear. In short, the principles of freedom and liberty allow for all that most of us dream about. It even allows for more security, or at least it allows for us all to choose the level of security we wish to have and the level of risk we wish to take. I think that the fear generated by recent events have clouded our thinking and caused us to forget the very things we should be most conscious of, the very things the people of the United States of America should hold most sacred.

We are supposed to be the land of the brave. We are not supposed to tremble and cower in our locked down homes in fear every time some mad bombers show up in our streets, let alone some misguided kids who, from what I've been able to gather from mainstream sources, cooked up some hair-brained scheme. The real terrorists are laughing at us. We are supposed to be a fiercely independent nation of rugged individualists. How did we come to be so dependent on the state for our security? How did we come to be a nation of meekly obedient sheep who so easily defer to the "authorities" whenever some small time troublemaker acts out? The real terrorists are taking advantage of us. We are supposed to be a nation of freedom loving people. How did we come to be a nation of livestock begging to be tyrannized simply because we have discovered that the world can be a dangerous place? How can we give up that which is most precious to us when we are supposedly afraid to lose it? The real terrorists will be happy to take it from us.

I feel for the people of Boston. I feel for those who lost their lives and limbs and innocence on April 15th. It was a terrible tragedy, a horrible thing to go through, but the reaction was worse. Will we go after those who failed? Will anyone from law enforcement be fired? Will anyone from law enforcement be implicated in the bombing and/or be held accountable for negligence? I doubt it. They never are. Perhaps a more important question is: why do these events always seem to take place when some drill is going on? Maybe it's time to take a look at how these drills are run. Maybe we should try to find out how terrorists seem to know when they're going to happen. In a society with a more open government the answers to these questions would more likely be forthcoming.

We, as a society, seem to have forgotten what it means to be free and independent. We have come to depend on the government power structure so much that we have forgotten what it takes to find our own way in life. We have forgotten the pride one gets from working hard to create a better life for one's self and one's family. We have forgotten the immense personal sense of satisfaction one gets from knowing that what you've accomplished you've accomplished through your own efforts, not through some government largess.

It's time we rediscovered what freedom is about. True freedom brings peace. True freedom brings brotherhood. True freedom brings about security. We have tried giving power to a few elite, and they have failed. We have tried their centralization schemes and they have proved catastrophic. It's time to decentralize. It's time to strip the federal government down to its constitutional size. It's time to demand they obey the law that is the Constitution of the United States. It's time to stop cowering, step out and show that martial law is unnecessary no matter the circumstances. If we don't honor freedom in the face of terrorism, then history will not remember us as a free and independent people, but the people of the future will instead shake their heads and ask how we could not see what was coming and how it was we let the evil grow.

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Comments (7)
  • Anonymous

    Very interesting perception. I have studied the results of that fateful day as well. A few things I found out while doing my research were appalilng!!!

    1.) 1st off, they have an actual school, for training "Crisis Actors and/or Actress's! I found the whole thought, just surreal! Then to add insult to injury, the company is based in Chantilly, VA. A location with many CIA contacts! They have dates for upcoming events! I couldn't make up a story like this in a million years!!!

    2.) 2nd insane site, was a Charity for the manwho supposedly had his legs blown off! (A personal friend started it!, from a site that promotes helping with Charities. Many Videos, show this to be faked! One Video shows a person pushing this man ina wheel chair. Anoither person followed for unknown reasons? Then much to our surprise, the man's fake bloody stump fell off, and the following person, picked it up and within 10 seconds had it placed back were it should be! Evidently it was discover that Jeff Bauman, lost his legs a year earlier while in the Military in Aghanistan!!!

    Thus, he was a "Actor" and when I last looked about a week ago, the Charity had over $750,000.00 donated to it! From probably mostly Boston people, and others who never did any homework, or were bust working 2 jobs to support their Families, and had NO TIME to do research? That was just so disgusting! OMG! I have the site for that here:

    Great article Szandor, but I couldn't help but add my two cents of data. God Blesa...

  • Glenn Geronimo  - In the previous Post, I forgot to fill out this Da

    Just for reference...

  • Glenn Geronimo  - The last Comment

    Just for reference...

  • sblestman

    Thank you for the information and the websites, Glenn. Did you happen to notice the saying at the top of the crisis actor page was "Turning ideas into reality?" Hmm. What, exactly, is that supposed to mean? Is it a mission statement? Is it a threat? Did they, in fact, turn an idea to bring about a police state in Boston into a reality? It is also interesting to note that evidence points to crisis actors being present during the Sandy Hook shooting spree.

  • Glenn Geronimo  - Good questions, my friend...

    I missed the quote, you referred to. "Turning ideas into reality?" I was going to call them, and see how far I could get on the phone?
    Just general questions, nothing really dramatic. The fact, they are based where they are, implies to me, that this is part of an intimidation factor, to try to create FEAR if you investigate it any further. I have no FEAR of them, but many people do.

    It's not there fault in many cases. Some people work 2 jobs to support their Families, and hardly would be expected to spend much time on alternative News outlets, to study thing and get an accurate perception. They probably are just totally exhausted.

    But, I see your point. "Turning ideas into reality?" Would be more expected as a saying for a major Corporation, like I.B.M., or Apple, etc.

    Sandy Hook probably had them, and I wouldn't be surprised at all? I didn't study that as much as Boston, although I was extremely skeptical of the official story!!!

    I only found those 2 sites about 10 days ago, from doing "extra" Investigation, of a friend Jock Doubleday's post about the False Flag potential. I accidentally opened up this can or Worms! OMG!

    What was your opinion, of that "donation" site? I know our Military, and Government aren't all that smart, but why do they leave such compelling clues? Criminals must have the typical M.O. (Opportunity, Means, and Motive) It's also as if they want to get caught? Some Criminals (in other type Crimes) have had this trait. Sadly, it's also a style of the "right in your face" Illumninati! (IllumiNUTTY)

    Or? are they just trying to Frustrate the people, who can see through the smoke and mirrors? The fact Blackwater security, was involved just complicates finding the real truth, as you now have a so called "third Party" involved. Privatising things like "National Security" isn't helpful, and can only make things more difficult. (In my humble opinion) But IF? that's the case, maybe it all is done by design?

  • sblestman

    The site itself is pretty simple and gives no clue as to whether or not this man is a crisis actor. Here's the thing about many of these conspiracies, especially recent ones, there's a lot of fog surrounding them. This is a necessary element in the psy-ops that we are subjected to. It is a "fog of war" mentality that keeps the human animal doubtful and unsure and therefore more willing to go along and follow the perceived authorities. There is a mixture of truth and uncertainty involved to keep everyone off balance. For instance, though it is denied, there was a drill going on the same day of the bombing. Funny how there's always a drill going on when these things happen. If Mr. Bauman is a crisis actor, he was there due to the drills, if he's not, he is just an innocent victim in the wrong place at the wrong time. Either way, he can be used as propaganda to promote the agenda of bringing about the police state.

    In these situations, I feel there is quite often a mixture of the real and the staged. For instance, in the Sandy Hook incident, I personally know someone I trust implicitly who knows someone who died. There was certainly real victims, but this does not mean that it wasn't a false flag terror even nor does it mean that crisis actors weren't used to make advantage of the tragedy to promote a political agenda. Never let a good tragedy go to waste. The point is, we can no longer just take for granted that government and mainstream media sources are being honest with us, for they have been caught lying to us time and again. We can also not take for granted that alternative sources are being honest with us, for there are infiltrators and agents provocateur who are there to discredit those who question government sources.

    Unfortunately, I have come to the point where my distrust of government is so deep that whenever something like this happens I automatically believe elements inside the government did it. They have the means to pull it off. They have the most to gain. They have most assuredly run false flag operations in the past and then covered them up. It is their modus operandi. I don't see why I should believe they have changed.

  • glenn geronimo  - Fully agree! :-/

    Yes very well put reply my friend. What bothers me the most is "agents provocateur"

    This is a "Third Party" that can and has been used against us almost forever! UGH!~

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