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The Fed and the War on You and Private Property

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The word "war" has changed over the decades. It used to mean the militaries of different nation states battling each other for dominance over certain territorial claims and the peoples living in those territories. Nowadays, because of the complete bastardization of the English language, it has come to mean a battle against anything the state wants to control but can't. It's come to mean the attempt of an elite ruling class to gain control of all the wealth, property and power in the world versus rising middle and lower classes who wish only a small portion so that they can live their lives and raise their children in relative comfort. It is a war of those who would be lords of all versus those they wish to make into serfs.

This war is being fought in secret and without the shooting, the explosions, the mayhem and the gore of past conflicts. In order to win, the lords need to keep the serfs from realizing that a war wages all around them. They need to prevent the masses from understanding who the real enemy is. They need to keep their serfs from realizing that they are slaves and maybe even get them to love their servitude. They need to get people to believe that they are free even as they become more and more indebted to their masters, and to do all this they need to redefine what freedom is. They may even try to redefine what it means to be human in the process.

They need weapons to carry out their plans. I would call these weapons of mass mind destruction. They own the government. They own the education system. They own the major media outlets. They use these to infuse their ideals, their vision of what the world should be, into the population. It is a vision where they are in complete control and you are nothing but their livestock, something they own and so can do with as they will, when they will it. The casualties of these weapons aren't broken, dead bodies and human beings dismembered and maimed to the point of helplessness, they are those who have lost the ability to think critically, who accept as gospel what they are told by mainstream media or government sources, parrot what those sources tell them, argue for government violation of natural rights and are unable to imagine a world where solutions are developed from the bottom up rather than from the top down.

I have come to believe that the head of this war machine is the owners of the central banks across the planet, the most powerful of which is the Federal Reserve System of The United Stares of America. Even if I'm wrong and some higher power controls the central banks, they are at least the heart of the operation.These people, for all their talk and propaganda about providing jobs, growth and prosperity, have done everything they've done not for the benefit of mankind, but for their own damn benefit and for the benefit of their friends and allies who would help them grow and maintain their power, wealth and control. They have created a monopoly, debt based currency system not to help grow and stabilize the economy, but to help solidify the control they have over all of us. They control us through controlling the issuance of currency, expanding and contracting it as they see fit.

They can use this power to manipulate the markets however they please. They pump their funny money into the areas of the economy they wish to inflate, wait for the mice to come after the cheese, and then remove their funds when their profits are high enough bursting the bubbles and leaving the small investors wondering WTF happened? If you think you can see where market demand is going to be and make investments based on this analysis, you'd better factor in whether or not such demand is going to benefit the elite. Guess right and align yourself with the elite and you'll benefit along with them, but guess wrong and you'll be left holding an empty bag as they run off with all your money, laughing. Markets have become big gamboling casinos where the house always wins in the end. This is how they wage war, by cheating your ability to evaluate, cheating your ability to prosper, and hence making it more unlikely that you will ever be able to challenge their economic hegemony.

So how can we win? How can mankind become free from these seemingly all powerful masters of manipulation who hold all the cards? Well, I don't know for certain, but there are some things I know. It won't happen through apathy. It won't happen through blissful ignorance. It won't happen if we all give up. And it won't happen through violence. It can happen when enough of us realize that we have been played, that we are really just serfs working for the benefit of the elite, and then we begin to take steps to dismantle the institutions that have helped ensnare us into this web of indebtedness. It can happen when we begin to unlearn what the elite have taught us through their public schools and relearn what it means to be free and independent people and how that can lead to prosperity.

This last step comes through certain realizations. The first is that you own yourself. God does not own you, for he gave you the gift of freewill. The government does not own you. Everybody does not own you. Nobody does not own you. You own yourself. The energy inside you that animates your flesh owns that flesh. Anyone that tries to convince you otherwise is trying to sell you on some collectivist scheme that is a direct path to some type of slavery. Your body. Your decisions on what to do to that body. It is wrong for someone to force you to do something with your body that you don't want to do of your own volition.

The second is that everyone else owns their own selves. You do not own them. It is wrong for you to force them to do something with their body that they don't want to do of their own volition. It is wrong for you to hire someone else to force them to do something with their body that they don't want to do of their own volition. All interactions with each other need to be voluntary. This includes business interactions as well as personal interactions. Of course, there is the caveat that one not harm nor defraud another.

The third realization is that, if each one of us owns our own bodies, then it comes to reason that we also own the product of what we decide to do with those bodies. We own the fruits of our labor. It is wrong for anyone to force anyone else to give up any portion of those fruits in an involuntary or coercive manner. It is wrong for anyone to lay claim to another's property when that property has been bought and paid for by voluntarily exchanging those fruits for said property. It doesn't matter whether it is a single person doing these things, or a group of people calling themselves a corporation, or a group of people calling themselves government, or a majority of people voting to take away someone else's property. Theft is theft even when it's called by another name, like taxes. Coercion is coercion even when those issuing the threats were voted into office by a majority of voters. Force is force even when those carrying out the force wear uniforms and claim to be simply upholding a law or simply following lawful orders. As long as one has not harmed another and has obtained his property through honest means by providing a voluntarily paid for product or service, one should not have to worry about losing his property, or his freedom.

The Federal Reserve has endeavored to change how we think about freedom. They have endeavored to make people believe they are entitled to another's property. They have endeavored to make people believe they have the right to steal products and services from others so long as a majority says it's so. They have endeavored to remain hidden from view, to pull the strings of as many people as they can so that we remain divided amongst ourselves and pay no attention to them. They are in control. They are the manipulators. They are the men behind the curtains and if they have their way they will own you and all the property that exists in this world. They are the ones that are waging the wars. They are warring against you and your private property and until you realize this you will not know who to struggle against. When enough people gain this knowledge, however, and decide to do something about it, the struggle will become easier.

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Comments (2)
  • Joyce

    You made an excellent statement by saying that no one owns us, not even God because He gave us a freewill. If we could only start from that point and understand that simple fact, we could erase all of those programmed thoughts and ideas that were planted in our minds through the public school system, the media and yes even our own acceptance of just about every thing they throw at us.

    We MUST ask ourselves how We, the creator of the government, are now letting them be our masters. If we truly logically think this through we will find out that it is because we gave away our power. By voting for those that call themselves the elite, we tell them that they have our permission to do what they do. When we give our currency to the banks to hold, we tell them that we agree with the policies of the Federal Reserve. When we sign documents without reading them and understanding them, we give certain rights away.
    In the Bible, the only time Jesus ever got angry was when He kicked the money changers out of the temple.

    It is imperative that America come back to it's roots in Christianity. We cannot be worshiping all the false idols that we are doing. Many times people are afraid to do the right thing because they are unwilling to put themselves in a position of loosing a benefit, being spoken to in a harsh manner, sticking up for someone for fear that we will become involved, and we worship this funny money because we think we need what it can bring us only to find out that it is this system of funny money that has taken from us the Law of the Land. We are under a Commercial Enterprise ruled by public policy and it is all our fault and one by one it is up to us to remove ourselves from this system.

  • sblestman

    Amen, Joyce, and thank you for your input. While I don't self identify as a Christian (I was brought up Catholic and I have a real aversion to churches and organized religion) I do agree with and support its most important principle, treat others as you would want to be treated. This is also one of the main tenets of the freedom movement, that in order to live free you have to let everyone else live free. I think Jesus was a freedom advocate. He understood that the money changers are a cancerous tumor in the body of humanity that needs to be cut out.

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