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Hard Work and Savings or Financial Thievery

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I work hard for a living. I've worked hard all my life. I think most of us have. When I've had work, I've done my best to become the best at the job I've done. When I haven't had work, I've done my best to keep busy and tried to make the most of my time by writing, doing odd jobs, and trying to get along as best I could. I used to make a lot less money, but then a dollar bought a lot more back then. I was taught that hard work led to great reward. I was lied to.


Don't get me wrong, I believe hard work can lead to great reward. Sometimes hard work is reward in and of itself. In fact, I think that hard work should be the way one becomes successful. Unfortunately, that's not the reality of this world. I also believe that hard work can lead to poverty when that hard work gains one nothing except a currency that loses its buying power over time. This is what happens when a criminal element gains a monopoly on the creation of currency in a society, whether that society is local or worldwide. It's called fraud, and when an extremely small faction of the world's population is able to dictate to the rest of us what medium of exchange to use for our transactions that small faction will garner immense wealth and power, enough to put itself above the law.

Herein lies the problem. Hard work and savings are not rewarded in our society mostly because we operate on a fractional reserve fiat currency that has lost much of its value over time. Fraud and corruption are rewarded, however, as those responsible for issuing and distributing that currency are not held accountable for their errors or their criminal behavior. They are rewarded because they are able to legally steal the wealth that you and I have worked hard to obtain. This is done through taxation. This is done through inflation, which is inflating the money supply. This is done through indebtedness and artificially keeping the price of things so high that it becomes prohibitive to save for most large purchases and so one is forced to borrow.

You own nothing. Your family is not secure. So long as you have debt, your property is in jeopardy. So long as you are forced to pay taxes you are the property of the system, of the government, of an elite ruling class answerable to no one except the corporations that pay for them. The second you can no longer afford to pay for their excessive policies and social programs they will swoop in and take everything you thought you owned in order to satisfy back taxes. The courts are not there to protect you, they are there to take everything you own from you and give it to the banksters and politically connected the second you trip up, get sick, make bad financial decisions, or otherwise find yourself unable to keep up with the mortgage, or the car payments, or the business expenses, despite the fact that you may have already paid off the original value of the property two, three, four or more times. People worry so much about those who might go bankrupt due to medical expenses, and yet they just seem to shrug their shoulders and not care about those in danger of going bankrupt due to excessive interest rates or property taxes.

What's it like to find yourself in your later years with nothing to show for it? Perhaps you know, perhaps you don't. Perhaps you realize the precarious position the vast majority of us seem to be in, perhaps you think you're doing well for yourself and your wealth is secure. Don't be fooled. No one is untouchable. The criminal class at the top want control of all the wealth. Laws can be changed at any moment. Taxes can be raised. The economy can be trashed. So long as the politically powerful remain unaccountable for their actions, can garner support from the masses, can use the force of law to condone what would otherwise be obvious criminality, and command an army of mindless, unquestioning enforcers to silence any opposition or questioning of their authority, your wealth, your property, your life and liberty are in severe jeopardy. Remaining silent now will not help you in the future should they decide to come after you and yours.

And yet, maybe we're all just a little greedy. Maybe we tolerate financial thievery because as a society the vast majority of us engage in it at least a little bit. Many want a little something from the government. Everyone wants their subsidies. We let them take money from everyone so we can pay for our military, our roads, our schools, our trains, our buses, our courts, our hospitals, to help the poor, to help the farmers, to go into space, etc., etc., etc., ad nauseum.

Whatever your favorite government program, no one considers that you are forcing others to pay not through a legitimate charge for usage, but through force of law, mostly tax law. You are forcing those who don't use the service to pay for those who do use it so that those who do use it can pay less. That's theft. No one asks for donations. No one tries running these services as businesses for profit. They just take your money and do as they want with it. How can you compete with an organization that claims the authority to take from everyone to service a few?

Then we sit there and piss and moan about corruption and waste in the public sector. What do you expect? They don't have to tighten their belts when times get rough, they just raise taxes. Can't afford your property taxes? Too bad, they'll just take your house. Can't afford your income taxes? You'd better or they'll throw you in jail, and the law be damned! You don't like the wars, or the torture, or the drones? Too bad, so sad. That's their money, not yours, and just try to withhold taxes as a protest and see where that gets you. Complain all you want, as long as you pay your taxes they couldn't care less.

Of course the system is corrupt, the very concept is criminal in the first place. And so those who learn to play the system are financially rewarded. Free enterprise in this nation died nearly a hundred years ago when the federal government sold out the people of this country by implementing a privately owned, quasi-public, central bank known as The Federal Reserve System. From that point forward, only the corporate interests with the right connections were able to truly win the game.

How do we correct this problem? Well, clearly doing what we've been doing for the past century hasn't worked. Clearly trying to regulate this behemoth with corrupt and corruptible politicians is not working. Maybe we should try something different. Maybe we should allow a system based on competition where you decide what kind of currency you'd like to use for exchanging goods and services. I may be wrong, but I'd venture a guess that under such a system honest money, money exchangeable for some kind of commodity, like precious metals maybe, would soon be in greater use than all the debt based fractional reserve currencies in the world. Maybe that's why modern day central banks work so hard to prevent such a thing from happening. They know that if they were forced to actually compete against such honest money they would soon lose all their wealth and power.

We have a choice. We can continue to accept the Federal Reserve System and the theft and corruption it represents, or we can demand an end to the Fed and a return to a legalized, honest monetary system. We might have to give up some convenience, but the prosperity that would come from it would be well worth giving that up. Imagine a world where you worked and saved and when you bought something it became yours to keep. You wouldn't have to worry about losing it due to sickness, or injury, or some other unfortunate mishap. You could hide your money away for years and when you decided to spend it it would still have the same purchasing power. You could plan for your retirement using simple math instead of trying to guess how much you'd need your money to grow in order to survive. I'm not saying it would be perfect, but it would certainly be better than the uncertainty we have today.

The Federal Reserve with their monopoly on the creation of currency have their hands on the levers of power. These levers affect not only every American, but nearly every person on the face of this planet. By taking these levers away we take the economic fate of the many out of the hands of the few and give this power back to where it belongs, to the people that earn the money through hard work. And we should have that power, for we are the ones who produce. If you want to see growth, if you want to see more production, then it behooves us all to reward those who honestly produce reality rather than those who fraudulently create illusion.

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