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Monsanto and the Ron Paul Syndrome

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A few days ago millions of people in hundreds of cities worldwide participated in protest marches against the Monsanto corporation. Were you aware of that? If you're reading this then chances are you were, for most people that read blogs like mine are already aware of the freedom agenda that the powers that be are trying to keep hidden. But there's a problem in that there are still far too many people who insist on getting their news and information from the so called mainstream media. These people have no idea what reality is, for they actually continue to believe the propaganda they see on CNN, FOX, ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC and all the networks and that they read in The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Chicago Tribune, The LA Times, and all the other so called trusted mainstream media newspapers.


The so called mainstream media, the media owned by the same corporate elite who own the political elite who deign to rule over you, have refused to report on the March against Monsanto. I guess they don't consider this event important enough to report on. Funny, it was important enough for millions of people to participate in, but they felt it wasn't important enough to inform their viewers that this was going on. They want to keep as many people as ignorant as possible about what is really happening. They want to create the reality you see. They want to control your mind so that their masters can control your wealth. They don't like to see the masses waking up and doing something about the reality we live in, and so they do all they can to keep as many people as possible asleep.

This is just further evidence of who really owns the media. If they don't make the news, they don't report it. If the news sheds bad light on one of their corporate masters, they don't report it. It kind of makes one wonder about the validity of the news they do report. It kind of makes one wonder about what they're not telling us.

It's no secret that I was a big supporter of Ron Paul and an advocate of his run for the presidency. As such, I noticed a similar phenomenon when he was campaigning. The same mainstream media that now refuses to report on the March against Monsanto refused to accurately report on him. They refused to show his true popularity. They refused to report on the wins he had. They refused to investigate the reported cheating done by the GOP hierarchy to minimize his impact. This has apparently become a syndrome. When the media doesn't want the people to know how popular something has become with the masses, minimize it by not reporting on it, or by spinning it. It's dishonesty at its most disgusting level.

Why would they do this? I believe it's because something like this is a uniting issue. No one wants to be a guinea pig in an experiment involving the very food we eat. Just about everyone wants to know that the food they're eating is safe. Just about everyone wants to be able to decide for themselves what is safe to eat and what is not by knowing what their food honestly contains. Just about everyone can see the inherent evil in allowing a company to patent natural processes. It doesn't matter whether you're a Republican or a Democrat, a tea partier or an occupier, when it comes to food and its consumption there is much we can all agree on.

The message of freedom is just as unifying, and Ron Paul was all about the freedom message. But it seems the mainstream media doesn't want a unified electorate. Or, rather, the powers that be don't want a unified populace. They want to keep us divided, that way we're easy to control. They want to keep us fighting amongst ourselves so we won't unify to fight against them. That's why they don't want to report on Monsanto. They are Monsanto. They are the corporate elite, the corporate cartels. They don't care how many people are getting sick or dying because of their products, they just want your wealth and they don't want to honestly compete and provide a healthy product to get it. And if you get sick eating their GMO foods, well then you'll just have to spend more of your wealth going to their corporate controlled medical cartel who will prescribe drugs from the corporate controlled pharmaceutical cartel which will be paid for in part by the corporate controlled insurance cartel that you were forced to buy into by law. The mainstream media sources don't want you knowing about this, they certainly don't want you investigating it and they're most definitely not going to do that investigating for you.

Just about everyone would be able to see the inherent flaw in the thinking that organically grown plants contaminated with GMOs somehow violate the patent holder's property. And yet there's already been many family farms that have gone out of business because Monsanto sued them when the GMOs have contaminated the natural crops. Were you aware of that? And the courts have sided with Monsanto! The courts, which you may have thought were there to protect the individual, are protecting the corporate interests! The corruption, the evil of this is unfathomable. That's become the mainstream media's job these days, to make sure the evil goes unreported and that those who perpetrate evil are left unaccountable.

It's great that millions of people are trying to hold Monsanto accountable for their crimes against nature. It's wonderful that so many are waking up to this issue and are doing something about it. But it's not enough to just march against Monsanto. We need to also hold accountable those who enable Monsanto. We need to hold accountable the media. Stop watching corporate news. Stop reading corporate newspapers. Tell everyone you know to stop doing so, and tell them why. Keep up the social networking posts and tell everyone you know how you feel about this issue. It is an important issue. Point out the politicians who enable Monsanto, including Barack Obama who in March of this year signed into law what has come to be known as the "Monsanto Protection Act." No more excuses. The corporate influence in politics has become too dangerous to be ignored. It is up to you, now. You are the new media.

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