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What Does it Mean to Wake Up When Life is Just a Dream?

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These days, I hear more and more about how people are waking up. I even write about it. When I write about "waking up" I'm trying to convey the concept of becoming aware of hidden reasons for why reality is the way it is. I'm trying to get people to look behind the illusions and the curtains and discover the truth to the manipulations that are really going on. But what if there is more to even that truth than meets the eye? What if even the manipulators are being manipulated? What if those who are creating the illusions are merely an illusion in and of themselves? What if we are stepping out of one cave only to find ourselves in another? The possibilities are mind boggling.

I don't usually talk about my dreams in my blog posts. I don't mean the dreams I have for mankind and for living in a peaceful, prosperous, free society, I mean the dreams I have while I'm sleeping. A few nights ago I had quite an interesting dream. In fact, I found it interesting enough that I thought I might like to share it with the world.

In my dream, I was asleep. There was a powerful entity that was trying to wake me. At first I didn't know why he (it was a male presence) was trying to wake me, but he was not being at all pleasant about it. As I began to become more aware of what was happening, I began to feel an evil intent oozing from this entity who was trying to awaken me. He began slapping me and when I didn't respond he started slamming my body around. He then laid me out and made the whole world shake around me. This frightened me more than anything else he had done to me.

Still, I refused to wake up in my dream. Rather, I refused to move and let this being know I had awoken. You see, I suddenly realized that this being was trying to make me get up and run. I instinctively knew that this evil entity was planning on using my movement as an excuse to kill me should I try to make a break for it. Although every fiber in my body wanted to bolt, I fought with all my might to remain still and make the entity believe that I was still asleep. Finally, frustrated that his efforts hadn't worked, the being assaulting me took a baseball bat and started swinging it at my face. I didn't flinch, aware that as long as I didn't move there was a force protecting me from this being's malice. The bat was stopping inches from my face as he swung again and again. Still I did not move. It was at this point I awoke into this three dimensional reality and found myself laying in my bed.

I have bizarre dreams quite often, but usually I don't pay that much attention to them. I was unusually disturbed by this one and felt it was trying to tell me something, but I wasn't sure what. The imagery is rather obvious, and yet what is the meaning? Am I being warned to shut up? Am I being warned to not let them know I am awake, to make them think I'm still asleep? Or am I being told that I'm not actually awake yet, that though I might think I've awakened to some ubiquitous truth, there's a deeper reality which I am not aware of yet? It is my wont to ponder such difficult questions.

Here's a scary thought, what if certain elements within the NSA can tap into the dreams of individuals and observe them, or even alter them? That sounds extremely paranoid, but then a few years back it sounded extremely paranoid to ask what if a government agency was listening to all phone calls and other communications around the world. This is the stuff that science fiction is made of, but then how much of what we have now was just science fiction a mere decade ago? Is any idea really all that crazy anymore? Maybe we should all start taking crazy sounding ideas a little more seriously and start examining evidence with more open minds rather than being fooled into believing that dancing shadows on the wall are reality because that's more convenient, or less scary to think about, or more emotionally comforting, or for whatever reason.

What if life is just a dream, as the childhood song claims? Could we all just be characters in some theater created by someone else's mind? Could our actions and behaviors all be controlled by what someone else's subconscious determines it wants from us? What would happen then if someone woke up in that dream? What if that someone declared he was a sovereign individual, that it was he who owned his own body and not the dreamer? What if that someone decided to control his own actions and behaviors instead of letting some unseen dreamer do it?

What if that someone was you? Would you observe others in the dream still letting their lives and fortunes be determined by unseen forces? Would you try to wake them, or would you just go about your business knowing that you are free and not caring about the others? Since you would still have to interact within the dream, how would you go about changing things so that you could assert more control? Would you try to let the dreamer know you were awake, or would you just go about your life and hope he never noticed?

What if the dreamer discovered you? What if he wanted to prevent you from trying to wake others? If something was protecting you, would you stay down and let him try to break through it, or would you take a risk, get up and run hoping you'd be able to get away and warn others? That's the risk taken by those who blow the whistle and tell the truth, and those in control of the dreams of this world have made their lives nightmares.

What happens when the dreamer loses control of the dream? What happens when he wakes up? Do the characters in the dream disappear into some netherworld of unending emptiness, or do they find themselves free to create the type of world they want to see? Do they at that point become collective dreamers, each with his or her own goals and purpose? What if we are all connected, woven into the fabric of a dream, each with the power and capacity to change the world, and we just don't realize it?

What does it mean to wake up when life is just a dream?

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